252 Badge Holders

Paul Cross and Kevin Kilby: Phoenix’s first 252 badge holders. Paul’s at 20yds, Kev’s at 30 and 40. Well done both!
Ben Wood finally got his score verified and earned his 30yd badge. Well done Ben
Paul adds the 30yd badge to his tally. Onwards to 40yds!
Jim gets his 30yd badge, well done Jim!
Not certain what I’m doing
Kevin gets his 50yd and Rob his 40yd. Nice going guys!
Pat gets his 20 and 30yd badges. Well done Pat!
Zofia rejoins the club and gets her 10yds all in the same weekend


The Beginners course starting on 2nd July is now full.

We’ll have a third course later this summer if there’s demand.

If you are interested, let us know here