The History of Phoenix Archers

    Phoenix Archers was formed in October 2009 by a group of 14 like-minded enthusiasts who had met at other archery events.

    The aim was to create a local club where we could practice the ancient sport of archery with our trusty longbows. We were soon lucky enough to find a local gentleman who offered us his eight-acre field set in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside around Smeeton Westerby, near to Kibworth.

    Five golds at 50yds for Rob

    Since that time, we have gone from strength to strength, with a well maintained and marked out shooting ground, clubhouse, toilets and storage facilities. Our membership has steadily increased and we now have a healthy mix of traditional longbow, Barebow and Olympic-style recurve archers. We also have a growing junior section, with age ranges from eight through to eighteen years old.


    The August Beginners course starts on the 13th.

    There are still spaces available, book your place here